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It’s harder than I thought

Going Vegan is so much harder than I thought. Maybe I should consider vegetarian instead. You know, the one where you can eat eggs and milk products. I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap going vegan, but I had no clue. I tried the veggie burgers and had an allergic reaction because they had psyllium husks in them. That will teach me not to read the ingredients first before I buy. I need encouragement because I feel like I’m failing big time. When I watched the documentary film Vegucation, I was furious and made the snap decision to go vegan because I did not want to contribute to animal cruelty. I love animals.

I tried the vegan “cheese” and YUK! I love cheese, so this is why I’m thinking of going vegetarian instead. Organic products I know are good for you, but when you’re on a budget, what can I do? I’m in a quandary.

I am still however committed to still taking the chlorophyll, aloe vera leaf juice and the chia seeds. At least I can attempt to detoxify myself until I make up my mind which avenue I want to take.

I’m still having a horrible time giving up those darn smokes. I smoke maybe a pack every three days, so it’s not that I’m a heavy smoker, just can’t seem to leave those behind. I’ve quit before…I went a whole entire year without smoking. So why can’t I do it now?

Any advise from my followers would be greatly appreciated. You all have a wonderful day. 🙂

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My New Journey

I am embarking on a new journey! One that will hopefully in the long run prove to be very beneficial. I have decided to become vegan. I know after all these years of being a meat eater this will not be easy. My plan is to blog daily of what I am doing and the choices I will be making, what I am eating and the supplements I will use.

Being almost 12% over my ideal BMI, my goal is to lose weight as well as improve my health. After a lot of research, I am ready to begin. My plan includes daily consumption of Aloe Vera juice, Chlorophyll and Chia seeds (these are the best type of detoxifying agents I can find). Also, I will eat as many raw foods as possible as well as drink lots of water. I will be using soy products, ie milk, protein powder and nuts in my diet as well. I will incorporate exercise as much as possible.

Having several different medical problems has pushed me to this decision as well. I suffer from CHF, diabetes II, kidney stones among others. Another goal is to stop smoking. This is literally to save my life. I will be blogging daily whether it’s in the mornings or at night when I get off work. I will be blogging about what I have done the day before. This should keep me honest and on track.

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