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The Night The Lights Went Out….And Being Grateful

Wow! does not sum it up. After last night I got to thinking about all the things I take for granted. Yesterday afternoon, after almost an entire day of raining, it decided to snow. And snow it did! This was the first snowfall of the winter and if it’s any indication of what is to come then we better be prepared for one heck of a winter! We got about four inches during the night. It got snowy and so windy that it was practically blinding.

Well, it ended up knocking out the electricity about 7:30 and wasn’t turned back on again until about 4:30 this morning. No TV, no phone, no internet, no lights, no microwave. It was like I was bound by some unseen restrictive force! And it also means it kept the furnace from working as well, but somehow it didn’t get very cold in our house at all. It was almost miraculous!

But, getting back to the “taking for granted” thing; this hasn’t been the first time the electricity has gone out, but somehow it had more of an impact on me. I went outside several times just to witness the magnificence of nature. The wind, the snow, the darkness. And it was dark! As I stood in wonder outside, I thought of all the centuries of humans that lived without the comforts that we have these days. I personally take for granted far too many things. It makes me a lot more thankful for the things I do have.

I got to thinking about families back then that relied on candles and lamps (and I was relying on a bunch of candles last night, I’m so grateful I had so many) and got to thinking about what type of things they would do together when it was so dark and windy and snowy outside. For one thing, I’m sure it brought them a unity I didn’t experience. It would be interesting to go back in time and find out first-hand what a night like that would bring to a family without all the amenities we enjoy these days.

It’s hard to describe, but I will try. Stepping out on the front porch last night gave me the feeling of being totally isolated. I live in a very small town and every house and business were without lights. The snow provided the only light. I was in awe. Now mind you, I’m accustomed to a lot of snow since I live in the northern part of Indiana, but it was just something about last night…. it was almost ethereal.

Total silence! Every now and then a car would go by, but not often. Every once in a while a train would go screaming down the tracks and it sounded louder than ever!  I’ve heard the saying that silence can be deafening, now I know what that means. When there was a noise, it was magnified; the clock ticking in the living room, the floorboards squeaking as I walked through the house, even my own thoughts seemed to come in clearer. It was a night I’m very glad to have experienced!

I’m going to be a lot more grateful for the things I have and the things I experience from now on. Maybe I should go camping more often.  Ahhh, all the comforts of home. What wonderful words!

Oh, and this also makes me sooo very grateful for the people who invent those things that make our lives just that much easier and pleasant.


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