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Spiritual Radiance – My Etsy Shop

Well, I figured it’s about time I talked about my shop some. We sell mostly incense and incense supplies. We make incense that corresponds with the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. We also have Zodiac inspired incenses that range from relaxing lavender to exhilarating cinnamon and dragons blood. We work with herbs, dried flowers, resins, powders and essential oils. All our incenses are the loose herbal type and they each come with a charm.  They are meant to be burned on a lit charcoal disc. Our incense accessories include burners, charcoal and OOAK oak incense spoons. Here are some samples of our shops’ wares.

Here is our Elemental Water Incense – It is a wonderful blend of chamomile, citrus, sandalwood, vanilla and Ylang Ylang essential oil.  It comes with a cute chalice charm; an attribute of the Water Element.

Our wonderful fiery Elemental Fire Incense. An invigorating blend of frankincense, dragons blood, cinnamon and citrus. It includes an athame charm.

Our Elemental Air Incense; an uplifting blend of frankincense, lavender and sage. Attached is a wand charm.

Introducing our Elemental Earth Incense; an aromatic blend of patchouli, rose and juniper. Comes with a pentagram charm.

More to come later 🙂


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Hello World

Ok, before I get into any blogging, I will tell you that these are my opinions and the way I see life. I will also blog about my online shop Spiritual Radiance, which is located at But, mostly, I’ll be talking about things I’m learning about as my life goes along. Please, if you have any comments or even questions, feel free to share
them with me.

The Spirit. The Spirit to me is the powerful force that lives in all living forms. It radiates from us like a mighty beacon. Spiritual Radiance. We are all connected; humans, animals, plants, anything that lives and then we are, as a whole, connected to the Divine Spirit. I’m convinced of this. We need to respect other Spirits in our daily lives. When we have our Spirit damaged, it then puts dents in our combined Spirit. We have too many already. This is a very touchy subject with people and I know it, but I truly believe in what I’ve been writing about. I always welcome other peoples’ views on this topic though.

To heal damaged Spirits is where Magick comes in. Magick is the peaceful, nurturing intent one performs to make a positive change in a situation. This is stronger in a group of two or more, however, even two people increase the effect of a magickal intent. As long as they concentrate as one, there will be a successful outcome. The best evidence I’ve seen of this is in a performed ritual and my research on this topic. I’ve accessed some very interesting sites in my research; one of them being The Intention Experiment ( ). In fact, if you want to see more information for yourself, type in “Noetic Science” in your search engine. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Well, that’s all for now. Just want to give you a little insight in how I think. Everyone take care and have a wonderful life.

Bright Blessings

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